What is eczema?

Eczema (often misspelled exzema)  is a form of dermatitis, also known as atopic dermatitis. It is one of the three atopic conditions; asthma and hay fever are the other two and there is a large hereditary component. If one or more of your primary relatives has an atopic condition you are more likely to have eczema. It is more common in children but can persist into adulthood.

Eczema is an inflamed, itchy rash that usually occurs on the inside of elbows and knees but can also appear on the face, neck, or any part of the body really. It is not a contagious rash. If the skin is broken secondary infections can be a real concern, so proper care of eczema flare ups is very important and can be lifesaving for small children.

Most rashes are caused by an overreaction of the immune system that causes inflammation in the skin. Eczema is no different, so looking after the health of your immune system is an important part of dealing with eczema. In fact eczema is assumed by some to be an auto-immune disorder where the bodies immune system erroneously attacks it’s own tissue, however there is still disagreement about this. There is no doubt that caring for you immune system through lifestyle factors is a good idea.

If you suspect you have eczema it is important to get a diagnosis from your doctor to rule out other skin conditions. Unfortunately eczema doesn’t have a medical cure, modern medicine only provides relief of symptoms. The good news is however that there are a number of things that you can do to prevent eczema and to reduce the severity of flare-ups.

What makes eczema worse?

Alcohol is one of the leading triggers of eczema flare-ups. Most people with eczema report that alcohol worsens or precedes eczema. If you suffer eczema keep an eye on your alcohol intake and carefully monitor any relationship between your alcohol intake and your eczema symptoms. Try preservative-free alcohol too, you may be more sensitive to certain ingredients in alcohol such as preservatives like sulfur. Personally I cannot drink red wine for this reason. I tolerate preservative free beer (such as Belgian beer) better than any other type however you may find that any alcohol worsens your symptoms. If you are unsure don’t drink anything for a while to see how your eczema responds.

Stress is another big factor in eczema. Because eczema is an immune system disorder stress can make it worse. That is because stress puts a strain on the immune system. Try to minimize stress in your life and  include stress-reducing activities such as meditation and exercise into your routine.

Diet is another important factor. Too much sugar in your diet can encourage the inflammatory response. Sugar is a big no no when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. Other things like caffeine and food preservatives can also worsen eczema, but every one is different. Cutting out suspect food and drink for a while to see the effect it has on your eczema can help you to identify your eczema triggers.

A lack of essential fatty acids in your diet could also be a problem. Ezcema sufferes need to make sure that they get enough of the ‘good’ fats in their diet from natural sources such as olive oil, nuts and seeds and things like avocados. Saturated fats found in coconut oil might also be beneficial. If you are concerned that your diet could be a factor in your eczema make an appointment with a dietitian.

Irritants from the things in your home should also be considered. Use fragrance free laundry powder designed for sensitive skin. Don’t use soaps or any harsh chemicals on your skin and be careful with things like deodorants and hair dyes. The biggie for me is laundry powder; i need a hypoallergenic one and I avoid fabric softeners with scents.

Sweat from excessive exercise or heat can worsen eczema symptoms. During flare-ups do gentle exercises that don’t make you sweat too much. Caffeine and chili can also make you sweaty so watch your intake if this is the case. In hot weather a water spray can help keep the skin cool, hence reduce the amount of sweat you produce. Avene sells a thermal springs water spray that is very comforting in hot weather but any water spray will do. I buy a small spray bottle and fill it up with spring water with a few drops of aloe vera juice in it. this works just as well and is easier on the hip pocket.

What makes eczema better?

Avoid the things listed above, but there are also specific things that you can do to improve your eczema.

Borage Seed Oil (Borago Officinalis) : The blue, star-shaped flowers of the borage plant have been used in because of its healing properties. This natural oil is a rich source of gamma linolenic acid and has been known to be used in the treatment of eczema and rheumatoid arthritis and in herbal medicine. Borage oil, or “starflower”, as the botanical is known, contains up to 24% Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA is an Essential Fatty Acid which the body converts into prostaglandin, a hormone-like substance. Prostaglandin is reported to offer anti-inflammatory properties. In many studies it has been found that a deficiency in GLA attributes to poor skin condition, especially psoriasis and eczema.

Emu Oil: has been shown to help eczema and all kinds of skin conditions.  Emu oil contains Super omega 3 and 6. It is hypo-allergenic, giving it a low potential for irritating the skin. Emu oil doesn’t clog pores. Scent free and dye free, safe for all skin types.

Evening primrose oil has been shown to help eczema sufferers in clinical trials. Take one or two capsules a day. If you’re female it can also help with PMS symptoms.

Flaxseed oil is another good supplement to take especially if you are not getting enough good fats in your diet.

Aloe vera juice soothes the digestive system when drunk but can also be used topically added to a home made water spray to sooth skin and reduce inflammation.

Emollients (AKA moisturizers) are essential during an eczema flare up to protect the skin and help it retain moisture. Without them the skin is more susceptible to dangerous secondary skin infections. These should be applied liberally and often (every few hours or so) during an eczema flare-up because the skin has a compromised lipid barrier and cannot retain moisture itself during flare-ups.

Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera Biennis) : Evening Primrose Oil is good as a natural source of the Essential Fatty Acid, Gamma Linolenic Acid, which is needed by the body. Essential Fatty Acids are critical in the production of prostaglandins. In the body prostaglandins help regulate fat metabolism, inflammatory response, hormones, as well as the cardiovascular, immune and central nervous systems. Modern diets and lifestyles may block the conversion of the Essential Fatty Acid LA into GLA. Evening Primrose Oil is especially helpful in treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual cycle irregularities, menopause, and endometriosis. It is used to promote Smooth Skin and to treat Eczema.

Prescription creams containing hydrocortisone can be helpful during eczema flare ups that are not responding to other measures. These are very effective at reducing inflammation but caution should be taken when using these as they can thin the skin and can have other side effects with long term use. Never use steroid creams near your eyes as this can enhance your risk of developing glaucoma. Never use a steroid cream for more than two weeks straight. Use sparingly and as directed. A fingertip length of cream (about 1-2 cm) is sufficient to cover a patch of skin the size of the palm of your hand. If your eczema persists after two weeks of using a steroid cream you should really see your doctor.

Elidel and other immunomodulating creams are alternatives to steroid creams for use on the face. They are preferred  because the thin skin on the face is more likely to be damaged by steroid creams. These creams work by suppressing the immune response responsible for eczema. Great care should be taken when using these creams however as there is the possibility that they can cause immune system suppression or other problems. Never, ever expose your skin to the sun with these creams on, or even for two weeks after stopping them. If you must be in the sun wear a good sunscreen and hat. Like steroid creams, never use for more than two weeks straight and see your doctor if your eczema doesn’t improve after two weeks of use.

Salt baths are good for both eczema and other types of dermatitis. The salt naturally acts as an anti-microbial agent causing the bacteria and other cells on your skin to implode (look up osmosis for more info). Try a dead sea salt bath, clinical trials have shown that they improve psoriasis. The salt not only works as mentioned but it also contains plenty of minerals which help condition the skin. If you can’t get your hands on dead sea salt any salt will do just make sure that is is pure salt (preferably natural sea salt) and doesn’t have anything else added to it. Don’t use this when you have broken skin though – obviously it will sting! Swimming in the sea is another good option, in fact this may be preferable. Just be sure to swim in pollution free beaches (not an easy ask for a city dweller). I’ve heard many tales (including my own experience) of people going on beach holidays and having their eczema clear up from swimming in clean ocean water, it really works.

Skin care routines for eczema

There are a number of products out there designed for eczema sufferers and I review a lot of them here. The key with skin care is to keep the skin clean and hydrated without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. This is best achieved by using a water-free cleansing product and a good moisturizer. A wipe off cleanser is ideal for this. Never wash your face more than twice a day, and only once if possible. I usually use a water-wash-off cleanser in the morning and a wipe-off water-free one at night. Using heavy duty moisturizers (emollient creams) is also essential. During an eczema flare-up you may need to carry a cream around with you and reapply to affected areas every few hours during the day.

Avoid scrubbing the skin. Don’t use exfoliants during an eczema flare-up but be sure to use a very gentle one when your skin is normal to keep it healthy and prevent future eczema. Sloughing away dead skin cells helps to prevent itchiness too.

Lush’s ‘Angles on Bare Skin’ is the best exfoliant I’ve ever tried and is ideal for eczema prone skin as it contains ground up almonds which condition the skin and provide a hit of the ‘good’ oils leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished.  For more information on specific products search ‘eczema’ in the search bar at the top of this page to read reviews of the eczema products I’ve tried over the years. Fan Roundup Fan Roundup with Drawing for Bath and Body or Skin Care Goodies.

Hope you’re doing well!
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Fashion Summer Beach Essentials

Apr 15, 2010

Summer Beach Essentials

Summer Beach Essentials – clothes, makeup, etc. Causal sporty wear.

1st remember your sunscreen, you want to protect your skin all over. Apply at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun. Well how do you go into the sun. Maybe I should say before you go outside and into the reflective water. I like to apply my sunscreen before I apply my makeup, but after I have put on my bathing suit. Make sure you use enough and you apply regularly while outdoors.

Minimal look, you should wear a minimum amount of makeup so use a tinted face moisturizer or baked mineral powder. Perhaps a self bronzer or self tanner, Mark by Avon has good ones as does Jergens. Powder Bronzer or mineral powder can be applied to face and body to give a sun kissed look. Jergen’s is build able and long wearing, but if you are in a rush go with a bronzer. You can buy one for face and body.

I would suggest applying your self tanners enough days in advance to achieve the color you want. Don’t apply too much bronzer under your eyes or on your eye lid. It will make you appear older by accentuating fine lines. Don’t keep it too light (white concealer) or you will have a weird look. How to remedy? Keep it simple. Just apply most bronzer to your face and at last apply around eyes lightly. Apply a light amount to forehead near hairline for a realistic natural look.

Mascara: Waterproof mascara is a must. Mark by Avon has many good brands as does LA Colors and LA Colors Mascara is less expensive. We carry LA Colors Mascara in Waterproof and Water Resistant. Waterproof formula thickens, lengthens & separates lashes with intense color & definition. Special applicator brush separates each lash without clumping

Eyeshadow: If you must wear eyeshadow use a cream or wet to dry powder. I would wear my bronzer or warmth mineral powder as eyeshadow. One to two sweeps of cream colored shadow ( in a warm or cool tone depending on your skin type) under brown bone as a highlighter and bronzer below that. Highlighter may seem old fashion but if your3o & older it helps you appear more youthful. Apply a small amount of shimmer off white eyeshadow to the apple of your cheeks.

Not all over the apples just the part closes to your nose. Practice makes perfect. Keep it natural looking and minimal. You could just use a bronzer alone as eyeshadow. Finally apply off white near your tear ducts or white eye liner. To bring out your eyes.

Blush keep it simple and fresh. I don’t usually wear blush, but if I did at the beach it would be a cream, gel. If powder the blush would be a peach color over top of my warmth bronzer. I think blush is old fashion unless applied correctly. Look under how to apply blush of this blog.

Bathing suite: string bikini never does out of style, but if you want the latest trend you can wear a floral print. Two piece tube top bathing suits or one piece halter style with deep neck lines and cut-away sides are also seen on the runway. Monokini is sexy but provides more coverage.

Now unless you have money to flatten yourself at a resort as if your on the runway with your favorite cocktail at hand your cover ups may have be more limited. Some women like myself may not want to get wet because the cover up is not meant to get wet. Instead you are sunbathing and socializing.

I want to give every day women on a budget ideas that they probably already have on had and functional.
Spring Cover ups – I bought this navy blue and white strip sun dress – a classic nautical look that is in style this spring (Image coming soon I’m taking a picture of it right this minute and will post it soon). I thought this cover ups or/and dress -is so cute that I just had to share this with my readers & subscribers.

Summer Cover ups: You could wear a maxi dress, white or light denim shorts, light colored skirt and tank top, or a long shirt. Possibilities are endless and make sure not to rely just on the fashion magazines latest trends. Remember to wear the outfit and accessories not the other way around or regrettably you will play the part of a fashion victim.

The best way to spend little money, besides good sales, and update your wardrobe is modern accessories. Such as bracelets, shoes, hair accessories, scarf and hand bags. The way you wear them can also change the whole look of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to play around.

As the warm weather approaches your summer beach -wear will Not be complete without accessorizing. Think sun glasses, bracelet, bag, sandals, etc. The one major key trend piece? The sheer trend. I see a lot of floral, metal and light colors. I think this is both sophisticated, glamorous and effortless way to add a little bit of splash to your beachwear. Grab a pair of over sized sunglasses and a big hat – live stylishly.

I have a bright floral print sheer top that I wear over my bikini. You can use a belt or buy one with a belt tie. My sheer top was bought years ago and is a kimono sleeve tunic or modern caftan.

Your outfit is a great way to express yourself by showing your personality, so experiment. Like a found a cool 60’s inspired long top that if it was in a light color would be perfect as a pullover for my bathing suit.

I found this sheer beach cover up at:

Sunglasses are a must have accessory at the beach! If your on a budget inexpensive sunglasses is the way to go. So if your shades are losted you will not be upset. Your at the beach to have fun!

Bag – A small clutch of makeup essentials and small tote bag to use as a purse to throw in your sunscreen and makeup bag. A daytime look in light solid colors or cool patterns is preferred.   If I plan on getting dirty swimming and playing at the beach like something easy to clean to brush the sand or soda off if I’m just going to the local beach. So a synthetic material (nylon) or Cotton canvas. If cotton best if it has a clean protectant that repels water and most stains. I call my totes a beach tote bag or overnight bag.

You don’t have to send a lot of money and can find them most anywhere. Lands End, Kmart, online, department store, etc. My fav is a Dooney & Bourke cute cotton over night bag that would be perfect for the beach. It is a bit nautical with color choices of yellow, red or blue stripes and a second of white. Some have small print of a an animal like a duck.
Shoes: Depends on whether you are going for just the sun or fun. Sandals or flip flops are common in the style of the season. For comfort, if a new shoe, break them in first or wear your older part. (What about being seen in last season’s sandals? Yes if classic your will not die of embarrassment).

Going green? I have never bought anything but you may want to check out. Looking for Hippie Beach Bags? Check a selection of Hippie Beach Bags at hongkongwillie’s Shop on Etsy. Look below for link to a recycle green bag on ArtFire. link to many handmade bags on etsy.
or check this video out.

Tank Top Beach Bag: Supplies. Part of the series: Recycled Crafts: Beach Bag, Puzzle & Hat. Making an old tank top into a beach bag is a nice way …
This list is to a small business owner who makes these Kewl and lovely looking recycle bags: Out of button and plastic, etc. You should take a look, very creative and earth friendly. I have never purchased any items from the Artfire shop called Berk1948 .

To purchase:
Have fun, drink responsibly and remember skin is in.


If you have any request for blog post or videos (coming soon) please leave a nice comment below. Thanks to all my subscribers and viewers. Written by Brooke.

* Disclaimer: Images used are owned and copy write protected by the owner and creator of the wears. I am only using them for illustration purposes of beach wear I have found online. Opinions expressed are solely my own and are not necessary the view or opinion of the blog, blogger, health tip beauty blog thatgirlsbathandbody, owner, founder, that girls bath and body, other editors/writers. I am not endorsing or affiliated in anyway with the companies, businesses or website. I have NEVER purchased anything nor ever given anything (including but not limited to money, clothes, samples) from the sites/company or business mentioned in this blog post. My opinion are mine only expressed for the purpose of purely entertainment. Post written March 2 2010 @ 3:28 pm. 

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AHA Face Toner

AHA Facial Clarifying Mist with Organic Multiple Fruit Acids Blend and Essential Oils – 98 Percent Organic, Paraben Free – Unscented ~ pH 4.3

Brighten your complexion while you remove dead skin cells, makeup, dirt and excess oil!  This Alpha Hydroxy Organic & Vegan Clarifying Mist will leave your skin looking bright and refreshed. RENEW AHA Organic Facial Toner, Our Renewing Toner tones, soothes, and enhances our other AHA skin care products, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and clean.

Free of Parabens, Dye, Alcohol Most Skin Types: Oily, Problem Skin such as Eczema, Acneic, Mature, Dry, Sun damaged, Normal and Combination skins. ~ pH 4.3. 

This Organic Vegan AHA Clarifying Toner is clear and lightly scented and comes from 3 types of natural acids including the organic fruit extracts. The others two are milk acid and sugar. Although this AHA Clarifying Toner is very gentle, it is NOT for sensitive skin types.

Any skin care line is not complete without either a toner or astringent as part of the skin care regime you recommend. It is a critical step that is often overlooked.  AHA facial toner prepares and conditions the skin for the moisturizer and helps support the natural moisture of the skin. Do not forget to buy our Facial Gel Cleanser and Night Cream.

The Organic Multiple Fruit Acids in this refreshing toner has naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). The AHA’s are water-soluble components of the Multiple Fruits which maximize the stimulation of cell renewal while minimizing irritation associated with the use of topical alpha hydroxy acids. Stimulate new cell growth, resulting in a fresher, healthier complexion and reduced pore size.

Citrus Fruits are a great source of natural vitamins and are rich in Vitamin C, which is also a natural bleaching agent. Lemon is one of the most beneficial for treating facial dark spots, especially for freckles and age spots.

Lemon juice is a naturally occurring acidic peel that will help bring replenished skin cells to the surface.
In helping dispose of dead skin, lemon juice helps protect against a primary cause of acne. Some even report improvement in the severity of their acne scars.

The exfoliating effect which lemon juice provides, as well as its skin tightening properties, helps make acne scars less noticeable.

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Product Review: That Girl’s Bath and Body.
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Products Reviewed

Reviewed Products

“I recently had the pleasure of using several products from That Girl’s Bath and Body, a small family owned business featuring natural homemade bath and body products. That Girl’s products are a unique bath and body care line combining natural ingredients and the finest essential oils and extract nature has to offer. Their creams and balms are designed to quickly permeate the skin’s layers leaving no greasy residue behind. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Satin Sheets Soap, Fresh Face Night Cream, and Tea Tree Facial Cleanser“… 

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How to Make an Illusory Rope Necklace

The secret?  This simple jewelry making technique will give the illusion of the beads floating by using multiple crimps. Make a Floating Illusion Necklace. This illusion necklace looks beautiful and requires no knots, glue, or crimps to hold the beads in place. Try this technique with decorative beads, cloisonne beads, pearls or accent beads.

Instructions on making a floating illusion necklace. Supplies and tools you will need to create this beautiful necklace.

Materials Needed:

  • 30 gold spacer beads
  • 30 gold crimp tubes
  • 15 clear or white 5mm glass beads
  • Tape
  • 24k gold .019 beading wire (gold is optional)


  • Wire cutter
  • Ruler
  • Crimping pliers

Step 1: Cut 50″ of wire. String 1 crimp tube, 1 spacer, 1 bead, 1 spacer, and 1 crimp tube. Repeat this stringing sequence until you’ve added to desired amount of beads.  Using the tape lay the wire along the edge of your work space (like a table) and tape the ends to hold it in place.

Step 2: Space the beads along the wire in clumps that include 1 stringing sequence from step 1. Use the ruler to space the clumps evenly unless you choose a random beading approach. Leave at least 6″ of bare wire at either end to give the illusion of suspension in the air.

Step 3: Crimp the first tube on the first clump. Snug the beads and crimp the second crimp tube in this clump. Move down the wire to next clump, crimping the first crimp tube, snugging the beads, and crimping the second crimp tube. Repeat until you have secured all but the last clump of beads.

Step 4: Pass the first end of the wire back through the second crimp tube of the last clump. Be sure that the spacing of this clump is in proportion to the previous clumps. Snug the beads, crimp the tube and finally trim any excess wire.

You now have created an illusory or illusion rope necklace that gives the appearance of being suspended in air.

For the best handmade, in the US, handcrafted jewelry look no further that Jewelry by Deby

Eye Makeup Application

It’s back to school and you want to look your best.  Here are some back to school makeup tips that will leave a great impression.
According to Eye Shapes
Each eye shape can be enhanced if needed, with placement of eyeshadow. Small eyes can look larger and bulging eyes can be recessed a little. Wide apart eyes can have the illusion of being closer together. I trust these simple explanations can help with your eye shadow application.
SMALL EYES. to recognise this as your shape, there seems to be very little space between lashes and eyebrows, so we need to give the appearance of a much larger eye. Apply a light colour on the eye lid.
Use a darker shade in the socket (or crease) of eye and bring this colour to the outer corner to lengthen eye area. With a dark toned eyeliner, outline eye, intensifying colour slightly at outer edges of eye, then slightly smudge. Use a light highlighter along the brow bone to add width to eye.

DEEP SET EYES . This type appears like a hooded eye. Place a light coloured shadow over entire lid, and apply a highligher along the brow bone line. Use a darker toned shadow, and begin at the socket line and blend colour out above the crease to recess the area.

Use a small amount of eyeliner, in a thin line for definition only along top lid and 2/3’rds along lower lid blending towards the outer edge.
NORMAL eyes. If you are fortunate enough to have this shape you can be as adventurous as you like. What you should be aiming for with eye makeup is to make your eyes look even more attractive by giving them
strength with the help of eyeliner pencil. A pale colour can be blended on lid while a darker shade is smoothed into the outer corners and socket line to give more depth and character. Finish off with a coat of mascara.

AGEING EYES can look years younger with the help of soft contouring. Use eyeliner pencil around the outer corner of the eyes, making sure that the line is kep thin. Avoid frosted shadows completely. Apply a soft toned shadow, like a mossy green, light brown or grey with a hint of blue in it, to the outer eye area, keeping the colour close tothe lashes. Use a soft peach colour on your inner top lid. Mascara oftens looks too thick and unnatural on older eyes, so try to have lashed tinted instead OR apply mascara lightly.

PROTRUDING EYE – the goal here is to recess the eye lid, from seemingly to protrude. Use a dark toned eye shadow and blend this over the eye lid, fading colour away near eye socket. Apply eyeliner along top
lid, and lightly smudge. On lower lid, draw eyeliner at outer corner only and smudge softly. Apply highligher on brow line. Please dont use light or frosted colours on eye lid, as this will make eyes pop out futher. With this eye shape, finish off with some navy or deep grey pencil on inner rims to help make the eyeballs appear smaller.
CLOSE SET eye shape. These need a dark shadow blended into out half of the eyes to give illusion that they are further apart. Start by drawing your pencil out a little just above natural eye crease. now blend a strong colour into the outer area. The inner top lid area can
be left natural or a pale colour can be used if you like. When applying mascaras, brush your top lashes outwards, concentrating on the colour with an extra coat on outer lashes.

ASIAN EYE SHAPE – usually has a minimal eye lid and eyes are wide space. Gently brush a light or neutral colour over eye area and blend towards nose area. Using a darker shadow, apply to lid, starting along lash line, and fading the colour upwards and out to a half-way pint between lash and eyebrow.

Apply eyeliner close to lashes to give appearance of thickened lash line. Line the lower lid and smudge to soften the line.

WIDE SET EYES can appear closer set and more attractive if you emphasise the inner eye area with colour to draw eyes together. Apply eyeliner pencil all way across the bottom lid with only a tiny extension on the outer cornes. Apply any strong coloured shadow to
your outer socket line, but instead of extending it up and out, angle it towards your inner brows. Further enhance this with a lighter shade on your inner lid and complete the look with mascara concentrating on inner lashes.

DROOPY EYES. These need to be lifted at the sides with the help of clever shading on the outer areas of the top lid. A little extra eyeliner slanted upwards on the corners and further blended and subtly extended with shadow plus extra mascara on the top lashes.

The Wonders of Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is the essential oil comes from the Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia. This species is unique to Australia native to Northern New South Wales. This tree has very strong therapeutic and medicinal values which are found in its oil, which is obtained through steam distillation from the leaves of the tea tree. It has powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties, making it very versatile. This is why some people have called it the “wonder oil for the skin from down under.” Another neat fact about tea tree oil is that it is the only essential oil, except for lavender, that can be applied directly to the skin without a carrier oil. This aboriginal Australian traditional medicine is used for bruises, insect bites, and skin infections. Since tea tree oil is a strong 100% pure concentrate, very little is needed to achieve results. Therefore, it should be used very sparingly. Tea tree oil contains 48+ compounds, with the main 1 beiing terpinen-4-ol. This is what is responsible for tea tree oil’s antibacterial and antifungal properties.

We can be thankful for the Bundjalung aborigines of Northern New South Wales. They were the first to believe that tea tree leaves had tremendous healing properties. Then in 1923 Dr. A. R. Penfold discovered that tea tree oil is 13 times stronger of an antiseptic bacteriacide than carbolic acid (the universal standard at that time). Big things finally happened in the 1930’s to help advance the use of tea tree oil. In 1930 tea tree oil began being applied to pus-filled infections because of its effectiveness and the fact that it promotes the growth and repair of healthy tissue, which lessens the chance of scarring. It was also in 1930 that The Medical Journal of Australia writes its first report on tea tree oil. Finally in 1939 tea tree oil reaches its potential as it is used on World War II soldiers as a disinfectant.

You should understand that tea tree oil is a 100% natural product and thus it is entirely environmentally friendly. Plantation owners even go so far as to carefully manage the growth of the trees to ensure that the natural environment remains undisturbed. The leaves are then steamed in order to derive the oil which is extremely safe for topical use, however oral ingestion is not recommended. While there have been some occurrences of allergic reactions to tea tree oil, their incidence is extremely low when compared to synthetic products. So, considering that there are no side effects and a great rate of cases in which this oil has proven to be more than beneficial, it is no wonder that Australia exports tea tree oil to so many countries which provides a valuable boost to this country’s exporters.

The oil found in the cells of the leaves of the tea tree, which grows in Northern New South Wales and Australia, is a natural antiseptic. It is a great anti-bacterial which kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and a range of stubborn fungi like athlete’s foot. While aboriginals have been using tea tree oil for thousands of years, today there isn’t a household in Australia that doesn’t have tea tree oil in its medicine cabinet. This is because tea tree oil is helpful in numerous ways, including: bad breath, acne and blemishes, athlete’s foot, and muscle pain, just to name a few.

Tea tree oil is more commonly known as Melaleuca alternifolia. This native Australian plant has numerous remarkable properties since when it’s crushed and distilled, its leaves yield a 100% natural oil which is an antiseptic, a fungicide, and a mild solvent. When crushed, the tea tree oil yields terpinen-4-ol (typically 30-40%) which is what makes it antibacterial and antifungal. This completely natural product has a variety of uses, some of which include: medicinal purposes (ie infections, minor burns, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, grazes, sore throats, sunburn, ulcers, cold sores, pimples, acne, zits, spots), skin care and hygiene (found in ie deodorants, soaps, hand creams and lotions, toothpastes, mouthwash, sore throat lozenges, facial cleansers and used to treat ie psoriasis, dry skin rashes, fight bad breath, foot odor, athlete’s foot, nail infections, thrush, rashes, and acne), hair care (ie anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners, treatments for damaged hair), pet care (ie dog shampoo), miscellaneous uses (ie insect repellent, relief of arthritic symptoms), and for relieving the itch from insect bites and stings. Of course, numerous other applications of tea tree oil are also still being discovered. Some of these most recent discoveries include tea tree oil helping with mouth ulcers, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, fatigue, respiratory infections, strengthening the immune system and the female reproductive system, lice, gingivitis, and female vaginal problems.

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Need a Quick Hair Fix

Do you have time to use a styling product on your hair?

 I did this on a trip to Hawaii. 1st i took a scented thick body cream and applied it not only to may skin to hydrate, to add scent to my body, but also to help eliminate my hair’s fly-aways (static).

You can use a dryer sheets for hair static. After brushing apply to hair by rubbing it. You MUST not move it upwards or up and down. That will cause more static and strain the hair. Let’s be practical: I like to carry a small spray bottle (travel size) hair conditioner in my purse.

With That Girl’s organic hair dangler conditioner or spray hair mayo you can stop breaking you hair strands and stop damage while having glossy smooth hair.

My friend and I went out for coffee which I do not care for. She was complaining about her skin in the fall and winter months.  She said “I love hand lotions but most are too greasy (oily) or are not moisturizing. In fact my hands feel more dehydrated then previously. I’m constantly pulling out my hand lotion.  I said “yeah it happens (shameless promotion you say, for my other friend but wait it is very good and natural) until I started using this amazing hand cream. BUT it WORKS and I can get enough. My sister fell in love with it and told me she only buys this hand cream in the 2oz size cus of the convenience. She can carry it in her purse or in coat pocket. She’s always on the go singing with her band, writing music on the run, DJ gig, hangout at a indie coffee shop with friends.

Living in PA it is a bit cool now this time of year and it keeps her hands from drying out. As they tend to do with gloves, the cold conditions then inside heating and of course her addict forming habit with her hand sanitizer. Very drying with its alcohol the vitamin e in it is not potent enough. She says she’s not going to use it as often the hand sanitizer, but we will see. She is also a lip balm junky. 🙂

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Makeup Blog *LIPS*

Don’t bolt with a tissue, this is because a tissue is made up of wood fibers. Use a coffee filter instead and you won’t have all that gunk on your lips when your finished You’ll be very happy with the results at the end, and when your finished just toss it.

Find a lip-liner you totally love. Put it on all across your bottom lip and some on your top lip. Then put some lip balm, clear gloss or a hint of color. A totally cute new creation that you must have to like.

Finding your perfect shade puts an extra skip in your step. You’ll be very happy with the final
results choosing the right shade according to your skin tone. The easiest way to figure out if your skin tone is cool or warm is to put on the most orange lipstick shade or fabric on your lips or up against your face. Do this in natural lighting. Later take off and just try the rosy red. This are extreme shades of warm and cool tones.

Lipstick colors by skin color:
dark skin= plums, chocolates, reds, pastels & oranges

medium skin=all reds, brown-mauve, sheer berry & spicy brown

light skin=nudes, beige’s, light corals & light pinks.

This is just a guide and not a rule. Colors that are the most flattering on you also depend on your contrast (hair and eyes) and season. Pick the right color! If your complexion is pink (rosy / blue base), you’ll look better in plum or mauve  shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base.

After apply gloss or lipstick put a little white eyeshadow in the center of your lower lip. Rub your lips together till you get a subtle look. It gives your mouth a full,sexy, pouty look. To get the excess lipstick off your lips and or teeth make an “o’ shape with your mouth and put your finger in it and pull it out slowly.  It really works.!

Druscilla nail tutorial

Inspire Halloween ideas.

Collawn – Carter Wedding |

Collawn – Carter Wedding |


What is Acne?

Treating acne requires a combination of internal and external measures. The internal refers to the diet, more fruit and vegetables, plenty of water and cutting back on the processed food is a good start although chocolate hasn’t been definitively linked with acne yet.

The external side of things involves what you use on your skin. There are a myriad of acne treatments on the market and it is difficult to know where to start and what is effective. Basically, any effective acne skincare regime will include the following things:

Deep cleansing which might include a cream based cleanser interchanged with a microdermabrasion scrub to refine the pores. Next, apply an AHA based topical acne serum or moisturizer to provide targeted treatment. You may also need an oil-free moisturizer if your skin is combination or on the dry side. Although sun light can cause permanent damage to your skin a little bit of sun exposure can temporarily help an acne breakout by killing the bacteria on your skin.

Overall, it is best to avoid sun exposure however as it may promote scarring when your acne clears. For this reason try to find a cream with added SPF, this is especially important if using medicated treatments on your skin.
In addition to general good health these skin care tips should help to minimize acne and keep it under control.


What is Rosacea?

Rosacea can be best described as persistent inflammation and redness of the facial skin. It is not contagious but can be quite distressing to the sufferer. It can be mild such as broken blood vessels to quite severe. In its more severe forms it can be accompanied by flaking, dry skin or even acne.

Although it is more common in Caucasian people and may have a genetic component the severity of rosacea appears to be linked with diet and environmental factors. Alcohol and spicy foods are a no-no, and can make rosacea worse. Skin with rosacea also needs to be cared for in a particular way.

Never use any peels, scrubs or dermabrasion products and only ever clean the skin with gentle wash cloths or with your finger tips. Choose very gentle products that have soothing or cooling properties. Products containing aloe vera may be a good choice for calming the skin. La Roche-posay make a line of cleansers and creams called ‘Rosaliac’ , I’ve found their gel cleanser to be the best kind for calming my skin if it’s red but I’m sure there are lots of other good products to use. Gentle, natural cleansers are also recommended.

Causes: Although the causes of rosacea are not completely certain it appears to be influenced by both internal and external processes. Sunburn or extreme cold and persistent flushing of the skin can result in rosacea. It has also been linked to intestinal bacteria and certain foods that make your skin flushed like chili, caffeine and alcohol. In some cases rosacea can be caused by cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels. Because of this it is best to avoid these abrasive types of treatments all together. Instead, try to improve circulation to the skin with exercise and good diet.

Also, avoid the sun as sun exposure and damage will make any redness worse. A little bit of sun light at dawn is okay to reset your circadian clock for the day, but never more than a couple of minutes.

Skin care for rosacea should not contain anything that will irritate the skin. Gentle, natural and organic products without any irritating essential oils in them should be used. There are some exceptions to this, that might be good for rosacea. Never wash your face with hot water, only ever luke warm and never rub the skin. Pat dry with a clean towel rather than rub. Also if you use a wash cloth to remove cleanser do not rub but rather dab the product off in gentle swipes. Never ever have chemical peals or use any acid based products.

Make-up Some people may want to cover roasea with make up. If you do this at least make sure to choose a moisturizing type of foundation or a mineral make up with sun protection. Chemical sunscreens are not recommended for rosacea so opt for a mineral based one instead. The best kind of make up for rosacea by far is mineral make up so try it if you haven’t already. Not only will it mask red skin it may actually also help improve it. Always be sure to completely remove all makeup before going to bed.

I recommend a gentle wipe off cleanser like Bioderma H20 Crealine but there are others that should be suitable too. Also, last but not least drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate in Skin care

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the use of sodium laurel sulfate in skin care recently as it is an ingredient that can potentially irritate the skin, especially with large quantities and prolonged use. For this reason I would not use a SLS containing product on my face for a prolonged period of time, such as a mask or a deep cleanser which I massage into the skin for a few minutes. I would happily use it for quick cleansing however. It is quite a common ingredient in skin care, but at low levels is relatively harmless. However trials of prolonged use with large amounts do produce skin irritation, so if you are currently experiencing eczema, psoriasis or any other type of dermatitis it may be an idea to cut back on SLS containing products to see how your skin responds. I have been looking into SLS free cleansers and skin care, but also SLF free shampoo’s as it is quite a common ingredient in hair care products as well. One of the ’staples’ I recommend for sensitive eczema prone skin actualy does have SLS in it and that’s Cetaphil. I would still use Cetaphil on my body however I’ve stopped using it on the sensitive skin on my face for this reason, although I still think it is an acceptable inexpensive cleanser for most people. Also, I like to leave my cleanser on my skin for extended periods of time, to let them do their thing, and that is exactly the type of use where sodium lauryl sulfate can actually cause irritation. Why is it used you might ask? Well, it is an effective cleanser and since things like shampoos and face cleansers are usually only used for short periods of time, a few minutes a day at most. The studies found that much longer periods of exposure are needed before SLS starts to irritate the skin. People with overly sensitive skin, or skin that is already irritated should probably avoid it though, just in case. I don’t believe there have been any studies on if it increases irritation when it’s already present, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that study so that’s probably reason enough to avoid it when your skin is troubled. By the way, I’m still on a search for a great sodium lauryl sulfate free cleanser and shampoo, if you’ve found a great one please let me know by leaving a comment.

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Pineapple Cupcakes

Apr 17, 2010

I wanted to make a fresh batch of tropical cupcakes. They seem fitting for this warm weather and season we are having. This is my cupcake version of my pineapple upside down cake.

You could use most any fruit or none at all. These are a real easy treat. If you got a hours time then you can make these delicate treats. Substituted applesauce for the oil or add shredded coconut, peaches, apples or fresh mangoes instead of pineapple. Hum tasty, if you are not a big pineapple fan.  They are so easy-to-make & not a sinful.  A guilt-free treat!  Both recipes are easy & a joy to make.


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup low-fat milk
  • 1 cup drained pineapple chunk, cut in 8ths

SERVES 12 , 12 cupcakes. Bake 35 min / 10 min prep time. Total 45 minutes.


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F Line muffin pan with paper liners.
  2. In a small bowl, mix together flour, baking powder and salt.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together sugar, oil and egg until smooth. Alternately whisk in flour mixture and milk, making three additions of flour mixture and two of milk, beating until smooth. Stir in pineapple.
  4. Scoop batter into prepared pan. Bake in preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes or until tops of cupcakes spring back when lightly touched. Let cool in pan on rack for 10 minutes. Remove from pan and let cool completely on rack. Top cooled cupcakes with frosting, if desired.

Tip: I used fresh pineapple, microwaved it three min, to take some juice out, and added dried cranberries. All this goodness under 200 calories a cupcake. If you do not think your children will eat them you can use pre-made icing or candy to decorate them. Then the cupcakes maybe more appealing. Have fun.

For a sinful cupcakes you may add glaze such as this cream cheese frosting.

Cream Cheese Glaze Ingredients

  • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
  • 1/4 cup butter, softened
  • 3 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  • Beat cream cheese and butter in large mixer bowl at high speed until fluffy, about 1 minute.
  • Beat in Confectioner’s sugar, 1 cup at a time, then continue beating until smooth.
  • Beat in vanilla. Chill bowl of frosting in refrigerator, stirring often, until good spreading consistency.
  • Makes about 2 2/3 cups – 25 min -25 min prep .
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