That Girl’s Bath & Body: Why this forum was created?  To meld all my passions of writing and offering advice. This forum allows me to communicate with web members, artfire customers and my own web site customers. To trade soap and bath and body recipes. To discuss homemade and handmade bath products, testimonials, feedback on how we can better improve our products and service.

Jewelry: You can discuss topics about gemstone, solder less, and making beaded jewelry in this forum. You will also received updates on our blog and newsletter to be the first to use promotional coupons for sales or discounts.

If you have any suggestions contact us.  Feel free to submit ideas.

*Rules: No spam please, No fowl language or advertising or your comments will be removed and you will be block from our forum.  This form is for That Girl’s Beauty Blog site and web-store. Thanks for visiting.

Jewelry Forum Here Bath & Body Forum Here

*Forum and Blog Disclaimer Usage: Your privacy is important to me. Any information I receive or collect when you visit here is kept private and never sold to third parties. As with most other websites, log data is collected which include your IP address, your ISP, your browser, time of visit and which pages you visited. Third party advertisers are used to support this site and some like Analyst Visitor Statics and Google Adsense use cookies and web beacons which will also send them similar information. This is generally used for geotargeting purposes – letting you see ads specific to your location.You can choose to disable or turn off cookies but please bear in mind that this could affect your ability to interact with this site and others as well. Thanks and enjoy.

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