That Girl: For head-to-toe beauty. We hope this blog will service you. If you have any comments related to our blog and if its has been helpful please leave a comment.  That Girl’s Blog mission is to give advice anywhere from how to apply eye makeup, best colors for you, to the latest fashion accessories and colors.

Product Review: Have products you would like us to honestly review. Then please contact us via email using our form at our contact page.

This is both a beauty blog and a review blog.  For products that are suitable for sensitive or dry skin. If I find a product that I find fabulous I want to let others know.  Same goes for makeup.

Finding the right skin care products and routine is hard, especially when you are new to it all and just don’t know what is available out there for your skin type. I do to research for you both by reading up on info and trying products. Giving you my honest opinion since I do not get paid for my reviews.

You can check what kind of skin you have on the skin care basics page. Most people don’t go through their lives with only one skin type. It can change due to lots of reasons for what you eat, age, hormonal change weather etc.

About The Writers & Editors :

Kelly  Carter :

It all started with my love of beauty products, creative writing and passion to give consumers product reviews, and fast beauty tips they could relate. I am the main “girl” behind That Girl’s Beauty Blog! A Beauty blog written for the typical consumer from the point of view of one. This beauty blog focuses on beauty news, recipes, jewelry making tips and product reviews.


I have many diverse interest and was a work at home mom until my children up and grew. I am passionate for jewelry making, baking, and providing consumers with both my wonderful products and my personal advice.
I wanted a beauty blog with everything about style, beauty, and fashion under one roof. Even woman issues and hard to find info, ex: makeup tips for dark or very fair women. I wanted our blog to be practical and all I have to read.


As one of the first beauty bloggers, she chose to join us in this blog to vastly expanding her reach while driving sales to us, affiliates and the owners home business owners like ourselves.

“When I blog, consumers listen, mostly because I speak to them about there love of makeup and clothes with true understanding and passion. Do not speak above them or suggest outrageously costly products that the average person could not afford. I am occasionally contacted by beauty industry Public Relations professionals who send me products to review. My readers are guaranteed an honest un-paid and un-biases review. I receive comments and email from readers thinking me of my well written makeup tips. Easy to understand and follow because they are both carefully worded, and have video.

I don’t accept payment for any of my reviews of products and to my readers please contact me about new ideas. Video (VLOG) or written post to my blog you would like me to do. Such as makeup or product to review. So if you have any idea of a makeup tip tricks you would like me to do a tutorial / post on please contact me here”.

About The Company:  That Girl’s Bath & Body – That Girl’s exclusive line of bath & body products and jewelry are excellent for all skin types including dry or problem skin.  Once you try our products you will be pleased with their quality and their final results. We are committed to offering you the highest quality ingredients at affordable prices.

Our mission is to provide quality handmade products that are chemical free, made from natural ingredients. No dye, alcohol, or paraben are in most of That Girl’s products. Our goal is to bring out your individual, natural beauty.  Guarantee of Customers Satisfaction is our #1 priority.  We stand behind ever product we offer, so our customers can buy with confidence.

Our skincare line will help restore your skin’s natural beauty by helping to achieve visibly smoother, healthier, and younger looking skin.  We carry jewelry designs from classic, fun, contemporary to traditional. We strive to be diverse and have a little of everything because we know tastes vary! Jewelry is one of the most personal gifts you can give.

Disclaimer: We are in no way liable nor responsible for any direct or indirect result of applying any ideas, advice, or applications in this beauty blog. This blog does NOT service as medical advice. All information in That Girl’s (Bath & Body) Blog is for educational purposes only and not intended as medical advice.

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