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Fashion Forward Part 2

Light Pastels Katy Perry

Light Pastels Katy Perry

The Future is now

Recently in Fashion:
If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you will have notice that 2009 has been about soft shades of pastels. Away from the 2008 Jewel tone colors. They have been updated with pastel shades of pinks and pink purples on lips, cheeks and eyes. A Mod or 80’s revival toned down. Nude colors have been very favorable and worn a lot in the past few years. With little to no makeup, a minimal look as predicted earlier on this blog. (Check Fashion Forward by click this link).
(Note from the editor)
. Think of your little sister or the girl next door, young and fresh.

Some short fads of dark heavy eye makeup with nude lips have come and gone and will probably come back. I have seen a lot of soft colors in clothing and makeup on the red carpet and in fashion recently. Katy Perry is one of many examples of pastel soft pink makeup. At the same time you have see her and others in many shades of red lipstick, very Hollywood glam. Still natural enough because the eye makeup is light. It’s about balance, nature or seductive, sometimes both. This youthful look will continue on even with the revival of dark palettes. Expect to hear ‘Less is more and darker heavier makeup makes women look more mature (aged), where as light makeup, the girl next door coloring, looks youthful and fresh.’

Fashion Forward Part 2: Spring/Summer time is just around the corner, and it shows in this seasons palettes. Soft florals and Summer pastels will flood the market. Styles are longer and fitted.
Maxi-Cardigans of the 1970’s will make a return as the weather cools.
Pinks are still worn in lipstick but is updated, fresh. See more pinks with a hint of purple or cranberry.

The Gothic inspired fashion coming out of Spain continues to gain popularity. Unlike last year, the styles have become softer, representing a post-Victorian era look. Platinum and silver jewelry are the current adornments. Rose-tinted pearls see a revival. It’s elegant, it’s regal, it’s romantic.

Daytime make-up look is fresh and natural. Foundation is out, tinted moisturizer
is in. By the late summer, early fall to mid winter: Lips remain medium to dark —
with the pale pastels going by the wayside. A heavy eye make-up look from the early part of the decade is now being paired with a dark lip, for a luxurious evening look.

Key colors for 2009 : Think ; the Sea – Purple, blues, greens. Colors are soft, but
eye catching. I now take a leave with a kiss eternal, try and look more beautiful, and as always skin is in.

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– Miss Engela
written 3/13/09 posted 3/16/09.

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