Druscilla nail tutorial

Inspire Halloween ideas.


Long before Edward started stalking Bella, there were two other vampire lovers on the block. They were much tougher, a lot sexier and only slightly less insane. They were, of course, Druscilla and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Spike and Dru were about as co-dependent as a couple could be. First she was weak and sick, and he did his best to nurse her back to health, bringing her gifts and takeaway meals (in the form of hapless teenagers he had managed to lure into his lair). Then, Spike was crippled and Dru had to play nursemaid. Unfortunately for Spike, Dru had her own personal brand of crazy, and she wasn’t as skilled as he at taking care of others. The couple wind up splitting, but their downfall was fun to watch.

Druscilla may not have been the brightest candle in the mausoleum, but she sure did have some…

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