Fashion Summer Beach Essentials

Apr 15, 2010

Summer Beach Essentials

Summer Beach Essentials – clothes, makeup, etc. Causal sporty wear.

1st remember your sunscreen, you want to protect your skin all over. Apply at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun. Well how do you go into the sun. Maybe I should say before you go outside and into the reflective water. I like to apply my sunscreen before I apply my makeup, but after I have put on my bathing suit. Make sure you use enough and you apply regularly while outdoors.

Minimal look, you should wear a minimum amount of makeup so use a tinted face moisturizer or baked mineral powder. Perhaps a self bronzer or self tanner, Mark by Avon has good ones as does Jergens. Powder Bronzer or mineral powder can be applied to face and body to give a sun kissed look. Jergen’s is build able and long wearing, but if you are in a rush go with a bronzer. You can buy one for face and body.

I would suggest applying your self tanners enough days in advance to achieve the color you want. Don’t apply too much bronzer under your eyes or on your eye lid. It will make you appear older by accentuating fine lines. Don’t keep it too light (white concealer) or you will have a weird look. How to remedy? Keep it simple. Just apply most bronzer to your face and at last apply around eyes lightly. Apply a light amount to forehead near hairline for a realistic natural look.

Mascara: Waterproof mascara is a must. Mark by Avon has many good brands as does LA Colors and LA Colors Mascara is less expensive. We carry LA Colors Mascara in Waterproof and Water Resistant. Waterproof formula thickens, lengthens & separates lashes with intense color & definition. Special applicator brush separates each lash without clumping

Eyeshadow: If you must wear eyeshadow use a cream or wet to dry powder. I would wear my bronzer or warmth mineral powder as eyeshadow. One to two sweeps of cream colored shadow ( in a warm or cool tone depending on your skin type) under brown bone as a highlighter and bronzer below that. Highlighter may seem old fashion but if your3o & older it helps you appear more youthful. Apply a small amount of shimmer off white eyeshadow to the apple of your cheeks.

Not all over the apples just the part closes to your nose. Practice makes perfect. Keep it natural looking and minimal. You could just use a bronzer alone as eyeshadow. Finally apply off white near your tear ducts or white eye liner. To bring out your eyes.

Blush keep it simple and fresh. I don’t usually wear blush, but if I did at the beach it would be a cream, gel. If powder the blush would be a peach color over top of my warmth bronzer. I think blush is old fashion unless applied correctly. Look under how to apply blush of this blog.

Bathing suite: string bikini never does out of style, but if you want the latest trend you can wear a floral print. Two piece tube top bathing suits or one piece halter style with deep neck lines and cut-away sides are also seen on the runway. Monokini is sexy but provides more coverage.

Now unless you have money to flatten yourself at a resort as if your on the runway with your favorite cocktail at hand your cover ups may have be more limited. Some women like myself may not want to get wet because the cover up is not meant to get wet. Instead you are sunbathing and socializing.

I want to give every day women on a budget ideas that they probably already have on had and functional.
Spring Cover ups – I bought this navy blue and white strip sun dress – a classic nautical look that is in style this spring (Image coming soon I’m taking a picture of it right this minute and will post it soon). I thought this cover ups or/and dress -is so cute that I just had to share this with my readers & subscribers.

Summer Cover ups: You could wear a maxi dress, white or light denim shorts, light colored skirt and tank top, or a long shirt. Possibilities are endless and make sure not to rely just on the fashion magazines latest trends. Remember to wear the outfit and accessories not the other way around or regrettably you will play the part of a fashion victim.

The best way to spend little money, besides good sales, and update your wardrobe is modern accessories. Such as bracelets, shoes, hair accessories, scarf and hand bags. The way you wear them can also change the whole look of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to play around.

As the warm weather approaches your summer beach -wear will Not be complete without accessorizing. Think sun glasses, bracelet, bag, sandals, etc. The one major key trend piece? The sheer trend. I see a lot of floral, metal and light colors. I think this is both sophisticated, glamorous and effortless way to add a little bit of splash to your beachwear. Grab a pair of over sized sunglasses and a big hat – live stylishly.

I have a bright floral print sheer top that I wear over my bikini. You can use a belt or buy one with a belt tie. My sheer top was bought years ago and is a kimono sleeve tunic or modern caftan.

Your outfit is a great way to express yourself by showing your personality, so experiment. Like a found a cool 60’s inspired long top that if it was in a light color would be perfect as a pullover for my bathing suit.

I found this sheer beach cover up at:

Sunglasses are a must have accessory at the beach! If your on a budget inexpensive sunglasses is the way to go. So if your shades are losted you will not be upset. Your at the beach to have fun!

Bag – A small clutch of makeup essentials and small tote bag to use as a purse to throw in your sunscreen and makeup bag. A daytime look in light solid colors or cool patterns is preferred.   If I plan on getting dirty swimming and playing at the beach like something easy to clean to brush the sand or soda off if I’m just going to the local beach. So a synthetic material (nylon) or Cotton canvas. If cotton best if it has a clean protectant that repels water and most stains. I call my totes a beach tote bag or overnight bag.

You don’t have to send a lot of money and can find them most anywhere. Lands End, Kmart, online, department store, etc. My fav is a Dooney & Bourke cute cotton over night bag that would be perfect for the beach. It is a bit nautical with color choices of yellow, red or blue stripes and a second of white. Some have small print of a an animal like a duck.
Shoes: Depends on whether you are going for just the sun or fun. Sandals or flip flops are common in the style of the season. For comfort, if a new shoe, break them in first or wear your older part. (What about being seen in last season’s sandals? Yes if classic your will not die of embarrassment).

Going green? I have never bought anything but you may want to check out. Looking for Hippie Beach Bags? Check a selection of Hippie Beach Bags at hongkongwillie’s Shop on Etsy. Look below for link to a recycle green bag on ArtFire. link to many handmade bags on etsy.
or check this video out.

Tank Top Beach Bag: Supplies. Part of the series: Recycled Crafts: Beach Bag, Puzzle & Hat. Making an old tank top into a beach bag is a nice way …
This list is to a small business owner who makes these Kewl and lovely looking recycle bags: Out of button and plastic, etc. You should take a look, very creative and earth friendly. I have never purchased any items from the Artfire shop called Berk1948 .

To purchase:
Have fun, drink responsibly and remember skin is in.


If you have any request for blog post or videos (coming soon) please leave a nice comment below. Thanks to all my subscribers and viewers. Written by Brooke.

* Disclaimer: Images used are owned and copy write protected by the owner and creator of the wears. I am only using them for illustration purposes of beach wear I have found online. Opinions expressed are solely my own and are not necessary the view or opinion of the blog, blogger, health tip beauty blog thatgirlsbathandbody, owner, founder, that girls bath and body, other editors/writers. I am not endorsing or affiliated in anyway with the companies, businesses or website. I have NEVER purchased anything nor ever given anything (including but not limited to money, clothes, samples) from the sites/company or business mentioned in this blog post. My opinion are mine only expressed for the purpose of purely entertainment. Post written March 2 2010 @ 3:28 pm. 

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