AHA Face Toner

AHA Facial Clarifying Mist with Organic Multiple Fruit Acids Blend and Essential Oils – 98 Percent Organic, Paraben Free – Unscented ~ pH 4.3

Brighten your complexion while you remove dead skin cells, makeup, dirt and excess oil!  This Alpha Hydroxy Organic & Vegan Clarifying Mist will leave your skin looking bright and refreshed. RENEW AHA Organic Facial Toner, Our Renewing Toner tones, soothes, and enhances our other AHA skin care products, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and clean.

Free of Parabens, Dye, Alcohol Most Skin Types: Oily, Problem Skin such as Eczema, Acneic, Mature, Dry, Sun damaged, Normal and Combination skins. ~ pH 4.3. 

This Organic Vegan AHA Clarifying Toner is clear and lightly scented and comes from 3 types of natural acids including the organic fruit extracts. The others two are milk acid and sugar. Although this AHA Clarifying Toner is very gentle, it is NOT for sensitive skin types.

Any skin care line is not complete without either a toner or astringent as part of the skin care regime you recommend. It is a critical step that is often overlooked.  AHA facial toner prepares and conditions the skin for the moisturizer and helps support the natural moisture of the skin. Do not forget to buy our Facial Gel Cleanser and Night Cream.

The Organic Multiple Fruit Acids in this refreshing toner has naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). The AHA’s are water-soluble components of the Multiple Fruits which maximize the stimulation of cell renewal while minimizing irritation associated with the use of topical alpha hydroxy acids. Stimulate new cell growth, resulting in a fresher, healthier complexion and reduced pore size.

Citrus Fruits are a great source of natural vitamins and are rich in Vitamin C, which is also a natural bleaching agent. Lemon is one of the most beneficial for treating facial dark spots, especially for freckles and age spots.

Lemon juice is a naturally occurring acidic peel that will help bring replenished skin cells to the surface.
In helping dispose of dead skin, lemon juice helps protect against a primary cause of acne. Some even report improvement in the severity of their acne scars.

The exfoliating effect which lemon juice provides, as well as its skin tightening properties, helps make acne scars less noticeable.

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Posted by That Girls Bath and Body at 3/06/2010