Eye Makeup Application

It’s back to school and you want to look your best.  Here are some back to school makeup tips that will leave a great impression.
According to Eye Shapes
Each eye shape can be enhanced if needed, with placement of eyeshadow. Small eyes can look larger and bulging eyes can be recessed a little. Wide apart eyes can have the illusion of being closer together. I trust these simple explanations can help with your eye shadow application.
SMALL EYES. to recognise this as your shape, there seems to be very little space between lashes and eyebrows, so we need to give the appearance of a much larger eye. Apply a light colour on the eye lid.
Use a darker shade in the socket (or crease) of eye and bring this colour to the outer corner to lengthen eye area. With a dark toned eyeliner, outline eye, intensifying colour slightly at outer edges of eye, then slightly smudge. Use a light highlighter along the brow bone to add width to eye.

DEEP SET EYES . This type appears like a hooded eye. Place a light coloured shadow over entire lid, and apply a highligher along the brow bone line. Use a darker toned shadow, and begin at the socket line and blend colour out above the crease to recess the area.

Use a small amount of eyeliner, in a thin line for definition only along top lid and 2/3’rds along lower lid blending towards the outer edge.
NORMAL eyes. If you are fortunate enough to have this shape you can be as adventurous as you like. What you should be aiming for with eye makeup is to make your eyes look even more attractive by giving them
strength with the help of eyeliner pencil. A pale colour can be blended on lid while a darker shade is smoothed into the outer corners and socket line to give more depth and character. Finish off with a coat of mascara.

AGEING EYES can look years younger with the help of soft contouring. Use eyeliner pencil around the outer corner of the eyes, making sure that the line is kep thin. Avoid frosted shadows completely. Apply a soft toned shadow, like a mossy green, light brown or grey with a hint of blue in it, to the outer eye area, keeping the colour close tothe lashes. Use a soft peach colour on your inner top lid. Mascara oftens looks too thick and unnatural on older eyes, so try to have lashed tinted instead OR apply mascara lightly.

PROTRUDING EYE – the goal here is to recess the eye lid, from seemingly to protrude. Use a dark toned eye shadow and blend this over the eye lid, fading colour away near eye socket. Apply eyeliner along top
lid, and lightly smudge. On lower lid, draw eyeliner at outer corner only and smudge softly. Apply highligher on brow line. Please dont use light or frosted colours on eye lid, as this will make eyes pop out futher. With this eye shape, finish off with some navy or deep grey pencil on inner rims to help make the eyeballs appear smaller.
CLOSE SET eye shape. These need a dark shadow blended into out half of the eyes to give illusion that they are further apart. Start by drawing your pencil out a little just above natural eye crease. now blend a strong colour into the outer area. The inner top lid area can
be left natural or a pale colour can be used if you like. When applying mascaras, brush your top lashes outwards, concentrating on the colour with an extra coat on outer lashes.

ASIAN EYE SHAPE – usually has a minimal eye lid and eyes are wide space. Gently brush a light or neutral colour over eye area and blend towards nose area. Using a darker shadow, apply to lid, starting along lash line, and fading the colour upwards and out to a half-way pint between lash and eyebrow.

Apply eyeliner close to lashes to give appearance of thickened lash line. Line the lower lid and smudge to soften the line.

WIDE SET EYES can appear closer set and more attractive if you emphasise the inner eye area with colour to draw eyes together. Apply eyeliner pencil all way across the bottom lid with only a tiny extension on the outer cornes. Apply any strong coloured shadow to
your outer socket line, but instead of extending it up and out, angle it towards your inner brows. Further enhance this with a lighter shade on your inner lid and complete the look with mascara concentrating on inner lashes.

DROOPY EYES. These need to be lifted at the sides with the help of clever shading on the outer areas of the top lid. A little extra eyeliner slanted upwards on the corners and further blended and subtly extended with shadow plus extra mascara on the top lashes.

The Joy of Giving


Gift giving has been a practice that has a place within the earliest recollection of human interaction. Throughout history, gifts or presents have been transferred from one to another in the form of goods, money, and even intangible items that one cannot touch, smell, or see, but feel in their heart, such as compassion or friendship. For some, the act of gift giving was rewarded with some form of power, social standing, and sometimes even a wife. Others have been purely satisfied with doing something nice for another and not receiving a thing in return.One of the first memories of gift giving also shows a lesson in life, love, and sacrifice. Even in the book of Genesis, Cain and Abel gave gifts to God. Eventually, this tale would lead to one of the most known passages in the Bible regarding jealousy and murder. As the story goes, the gardener Cain gave fruit as a gift to God, while his brother, Abel offered the very best lamb from his flock. God was quite pleased with Abel’s gift, but not as impressed with Cain’s gesture. Since Abel chose to bestow a gift he valued for himself, God greatly appreciated the sacrifice. The same viewpoint on gift giving stands today.For instance, if you took the time to travel many miles to a florist that produced the same bouquet of flowers for your parent’s wedding anniversary, this gift would mean much more to them than if you took the time to pick roses from the backyard. While the bouquet of flowers from the florist may look beautiful and smell just as sweet, the parents are probably more pleased by the sacrifice of driving such a distance to pay tribute to their anniversary with an unforgettable memory.Sometimes, there are moments that do not call for the giving of gifts, but require a delicate, personal approach to the circumstances. For instance, when a friend is going through a divorce, they most likely would appreciate face-to-face comfort than receiving a gift in the mail from a long-distance friend. When this is not possible, there are still plenty of unique gift baskets on the market that can bring a smile to the most downtrodden individual.For some, spending money on a gift may put a strain on their finances, but there are many great gifts that cost nothing at all or only require a few bucks. There are also a lot of gift givers who will accompany unique gift baskets and flowers with a present that took thousands of dollars to pull off. The average cost of a gift is hard to determine. The range really involves personal preferences and budget limitations. Many individuals have also found great gift savings through making purchases on the Internet.

For those trying to save a little money, the concept of re-gifting has been used. This usually occurs when one receives a gift that is not necessarily needed or wanted. It could be a silver serving dish that you already have or an unattractive sweater that you don’t have the heart to ask for an exchange receipt. In any case, you put the gift to good use by delivering it to someone else on a special occasion or holiday. If you make this a regular process, it is important to remember whom you received the original gift from (people have been known to re-gift back to the person who gave them the present in the first place).

Why Give a Gift?

Gifts satisfy an assortment of needs and beliefs. They are used to express a wide range of feelings, such as love, friendship, and gratitude. Gift giving may serve as a form of charity, as well as shows support (as seen in political arenas). Gifts also provide a way for people to celebrate a wealth of special occasions, customs, traditions, and holidays. Below, you will find some of the most important events that bring about the outpouring of gifts:


Gifts play an important role in celebrating the one day of the year you call your very own. The receipt of gifts and cards, as well as unique gift baskets and flowers for the ladies are common ways to make this personal holiday even more special. As one gets older, the gift giving seems to lessen, but the act is still a frequent occurrence for individuals of all ages.

Valentine’s Day

This romantic day for sweethearts often calls for the exchange of jewelry, unique gift baskets filled with chocolates, pamper foot cream, and scented candles, as well as colorful bouquets of flowers, such as bright red roses.

Although most of the credit goes to Santa Claus for the gift giving that occurs during this holiday season, plenty of people have delivered unique flower bouquets of poinsettias, and selected beautifully decorated unique gift baskets

filled with peppermint-flavored treats, red and green accented delights, and jingle bells.
After attending the exchange of wedding vows, guests wine and dine at a ceremony where they bring gifts for the newly married couple. While monetary gifts serve as a tradition in many cultural circles, physical gifts, such as household goods and personal mementos are quite common.
When it comes time to give a gift, there are many other occasions that call for this type of exchange. People all over the globe mark their calendars each year to make sure they don’t miss gift-giving occasions, including baby showers, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation, and housewarming get-togethers. As gift ideas wear thin, you can always turn to the perfect unique gift basket or colorful bouquet of flowers to give family and friends