1st I will start with blue and follow with green. Eye color is very important in the type of eyeshadow color you plan on using.  Just as equally is other factors such as skin color, undertone, and hair color.

For detailed information on most Coloring please refer to the previous posting called Coloring.

MAKEUP FOR BLACK HAIR, LIGHT SKIN, and Blue Eyes-  Blue eyes look best in Every shade of browns and certain type of spicy almost burnt oranges. May use gray or stale light blue if you want to make your eyes more cool toned. I would suggest staying away from bright intense blue; these are best for brown eyes.  Blue on blue can make your eyes less noticeable.  Using warm or browns are the opposite of your eye color spectrum. Therefor prefect if you want to achieve a dramatic look by the use of contrast.  Darkest colors- you may want to stay away from black if your very fair but if you are cool toned you can pull it off unless you have blonde or equally light hair. Dark grays, chocolate, dark browns, sable browns, and brown black are great for very pale, pale, or light skin cool tone complexions of Caucasian decent.

If you want to make your eyes pop and you are pale then what colors do you use?  White or warm cream golden colors are Not going to do for you what it will for woman of warm peach or yellow skin tone.

Color tones may you off white cream tones in a blue undertone. Look for a silver cool tone to your whites. So silver tones (cool) or off white cream.

How can you make your lips hot in night club lighting? Stay away from mattes and very light natural colors. Unless you plan on playup only your eyes then this is not for you. Don’t use very dark lipstick and instead try a sheer but bright color in the mauve, fuchsia, or berry family.  When used in a sheer form, moisturizing satin or glossy, it plays up your lips. The light hits your lips creating a noticeable yet beautiful look without looking vamp. The lipstick, lip tint, or gloss. Look for sheer on the color label to insure it is not full coverage.

Colors too light makes you look dead more pale in mostly blue green or red lighting. Stay away from frost too in night club lighting unless your going for that look.

Green Eyes look best (contrast) in purples and pinks.

Next question I will address is where can you find makeup for mixed race women, what colors should you use when color selections are few. How not to have a pumpkin orange face. These factors can happen with mixed race or fair, olive, and dark skin women of every race.

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