New Pet Products

Organic Dog Paw Balm

Organic Dog Paw Balm

New Pet Products!

New Pet Products that have came out in the past few months from That Girl’s Bath & Body. We currently have 2 organic 100 percent natural pet paw balms. One is in a stick with different ingredients and a new pet spray. Made with essential oils, healing oils and butter bases of Shea Butter and Soy Wax.

Pet spray in essential oils or choose pure fragrances. Gentle for you and your pet. To be sprayed on your pet’s bed or directly on your pet (do not let it get in the eyes). Also designed to remove pet odors and deodorize the coat with many pleasant fragrances to choose from.

Our organic pet paw balm stick has just as beautiful designed label as our regular pet paw balm in a jar. The ingredients differ a little and the paw balm stick comes in scents unlike the paw balm jar.

As reported in our Blog New Items have arrived:
A month ago we added our New Belly Butter Balm (pictured above). Mom2Be Belly Butter Balm Healing in a jar! A Natural, Organic Belly Cream helps before and after the baby. Chemical Free ~ 100% Natural ~ Organic – Highly Concentrated ~ All Butter and Oil.

Our Belly Butter Balm is loaded with nature’s own goodies! Handcrafted fresh for you, great for stretch marks and unscented. Our Belly Balm is great for dry or “stressed” skin, especially for the growing belly! Our special formula is just LOADED with Shea Butter, Mango Butter…..along with Rosehip Oil, Emu Oil, Borage Oil, Jojoba Oil and other skin loving ingredients! Keep Your Beautifully – Expanding Belly Looking Soft and Supple – While Preventing Those Dreaded Stretch Marks From Ever Appearing!

Also we came out with a nipple butter. All Natural Nipple Butter / Lotion Bar – Our All Natural Nipple Butter is perfect for expecting mothers & nursing mother. 100 % Natural ~ Chemical Free – Handmade from Scratch – Highly Concentrated ~ All Butter & Oil. Made only with all natural ingredients including cocoa butter, mango butter, fine oils and no petrolatum. Our nipple butter contains NO lanolin or other harsh animal byproducts. Goes on so smooth, not thick and sticky like other nipple creams.

Healing Oil Blendnipple_butter_stick_200 ~ 100% Pure ~ 100% Natural ~ Really Works ~ A very potent combination of oils and all natural. The list of skin ailments that it helps is endless. Only all natural ingredients and essential oils, perfect for Mom and safe for Baby.

Mom2Be Massage Oil