Are Face Masks Beneficial?

If there is one skin care item that can work miracles, it is a face mask. But, like any other skincare product, you should choose carefully to pick the right facial mask for you.  Face masks makes your skin smooth, prepare skin and helps to prevents aging.

Mask It!

Choose from the wonderful selection of face masks on the market to find one that is perfect for your skin.
Moisturizing Face Masks

These are ideal for dry complexions because they boost the moisture levels of your skin. This means they can help banish dry parches, flakiness and even fine lines. They work quickly like an intensive moisturizer and are usually left on the skin for 5-10 minutes before being removed with a tissue. The slight residue left on your skin will continue to work until you next cleanse your skin. They are a soothing treat, particularly after too much sun, or when your skin feels “tight”.

Clay and mud Face Masks

Ideal for oily skins, they absorb excess grease and impurities. They are an ideal way to close open pores, reduce shine and clear troublesome blemishes. They dry on your skin over a period of 5-15 minute and then you simply wash them away with warm water, rinsing dead skin cells, dirt and grime away at the same time. They are a fantastic pick-me-up for skin.

Exfoliating Facial Masks

Masks with a light exfoliating action can keep your skin in tip-top condition. Even normal skins sometimes suffer from the build-up of dead skin cells, which can create a dull look and lead to future problems such as blackheads. Masks that cleanse and exfoliate are the perfect solution. They smooth on like a clay mask, and are left to dry. When you rinse them away, their tiny abrasive particles slough away the skin’s surface debris.Peel-off Face Packs

Ideal for all skin types, the mask is smoothed on, left to dry and peeled off. This light formulation refreshes oily areas, clears clogged pores, helps aging mature skin, and nourishes drier skins.

Gel Face Masks

These are suitable for sensitive skins, as well as oily complexions, as they have a wonderfully soothing and cooling effect.