Eyes Trick and Makeup Tips

  • If you’re going to line your eyes but want them to look bigger, line only the top. But if you want to line the bottom too, line just the outer half.
  • Another tip for eyes to appear bigger: Line your eyes with white eyeliner. Darker colors make your features smaller; consequently, black eyeliner would make your eyes appear smaller.
  • Put your pencil eyeliner in the freezer for awhile before applying it. The tip will be more hard and make the eyeliner easier to apply.
  • To give the appearance of wide-set eyes (eyes that are further apart), apply eye shadow/liner on the outer part of your eyes; vice versa for a desired appearance of close-set eyes (eyes that are closer together).
  • For a modern version of liquid liner, dip your eyeliner brush in water, then eye shadow, and apply.
  • If you want a smoky eye, use an eyeliner that smudges easily, and smudge it with a spongy tip. Some eyeliners supply these on the opposite end of the liner part, like Max Factor Pensilks. After smudging your eyeliner, apply eye shadow close to the lashes in the same color as your eyeliner.
  • If you want your lashes to appear thicker, apply coats of mascara. Try not to apply it all at once, or you can get clumps.
  • To separate lashes, use a lash comb. This also gets rid of clumps.
  • When applying any eyeliner, pull your eyelid taut to make a smoother surface for the liner.
  • Apply mascara from roots to ends of lashes while moving wand from side to side.
  • Mascara starts to go bad after about 3 months or so (smell and clumps take place), so make sure to replace it accordingly.
  • Applying foundation on your lids before eyeshadow helps the shadow to stick better.
  • Usually there are three basic shades for eyeshadow and their locations: The lightest goes right below the eyebrow (to make eyes appear brighter), the darkest in the eye crease (to define your crease), and the medium shade goes on the actual eyelid (for the basic color).




Based on your features and natural coloring, like hair color, eye color, skin color etc, you could determine what colors make you look your best. I’ve set up a quick reference list to help you decide what colors can work for you the best. Now keep in mind, these are the views of a individual, not a professional stylist or cosmetologist. The whole site contains my own personal opinions, and these are simply my suggestions for anyone who needs help on matters relating to these topics. so here’s the guide:

If you pretty much have blondish, light hair, warm, light skin, and blue eyes, try these colors.
Lips: Light and pinkish tones suit you best. Red probably doesn’t.
Eyes: Again, light is better. Sheer purples, pinks, yellows, sea greens, and tans will most likely look best.

Now this is similar to the last coloring, but you have more yellow or green in your eyes, and your hair is just a little bit darker, maybe with highlights.
Lips:Sheers, in shades of burgundys and pinks.
Eyes: Lilacs, light greens, and peach-type colors.

Is your hair brownish red, and your skin pale? Do you have light colored eyes? If your lips have a lot of red in them naturally already, you pretty much have enough coloring as is. But if you like wearing makeup like me, here are some colors that may work.
Lips:Pinks and burgundys again; reddish browns.
Eyes: Light purples, browns, shades of apricot, and maybe light greens.



If you have warm, a little more darker skin with yellow undertones, and brownish yellow eyes and dark brown hair, colors in warm shades probably look better, instead of cool blues.
Lips: Basic deep red, purple shades, and yellowish browns.
Eyes:Shiny golds, beiges, and light purples.

With not light, but not dark skin, and really dark eyes and hair, you can pull off piercing dark colors. Try:
Lips: Reddish browns, dark purples, dark reds, dark browns.
Eyes: More dark browns, purplish browns, golds.

Instead of medium skin, do you have glowing, dark skin with yellow undertones, and really dark hair and nearly black eyes? Shimmering makeup probably looks great on you. But as far as coloring goes, these may help…
Lips: Deep purples (even almost-black shades), deep dark reds and browns.
Eyes:Glimmering golds and beiges, more deep purples.

If, like me, you have really pale skin, with slight yellow undertones, green eyes, and black hair, try these colors.
Lips:Burgundys, dark natural pinks/rosy shades, and orange or bluish purples if you like funky colors. But if you’re going to wear those, try to wear something else that matches :/
Eyes:Sheer purples, glimmering lilac shades, beiges.

Same as the last coloring, except your undertones and eyes seem a little more cool and blue rather than warm, yellow, or green.
Lips: Classic red again, shades of blue, shiny purples, basically anything in a reddish, bluish, or purplish shade.
Eyes: Shimmering blues, silvers, and purples or charcoals.