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Night Creams Benefits Skin

Entry for January 21, 2008 Beauty Tips | Leave a Comment.

Night Creams Benefits Skin … Are Creams or Moisturizers Beneficial at Night?

Going to bed with night cream on your face can benefit your skin in many ways while you are sleeping. Night creams contain special ingredients like vitamins and anti-aging components. In fact, these creams can also be thicker and more intensive than ordinary daily moisturizer because you don’t need to apply makeup on the top of them.

How Night cream benefits your skin?

The cell renewal of skin is more active in the night and night creams are designed in such a way to make the most of these hours. Using a night cream daily gives your skin the chance to repair the damage caused by makeup, air pollution and ultra-violet sun rays.

Night creams are particularly beneficial for dry and very dry skin type when used daily. Choose the formulation carefully on the basis of how dry your skin is – it is important that your skin should not feel overloaded.

Applying Night Cream

Dab a little night cream in your palm and then gently rub your both hands together. This way the cream is more easily absorbed.  Applying night cream before going to bed means waking up softer, smoother complexion. Skin’s performance can boost if night cream is applied to slightly damp skin as it seals in extra moisture.

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