Does your skin look dry or lifeless?

Then later it is oily?

Sounds like you are stripping your skin of vital moisture and then you skin is over compensating.  1st it can be several things: the moisturizer your using, make sure of your skin type.  After cleansing wait 5-10 mins; apply a torn piece of a brown paper bag to your skin. If its wet with oil= oily. The makeup your using can do it too. I find that toner is a colorless crutch.  To be sure stop using your face cleanser and then take out each and every thing out of your routine, but not all at one time.  Know your skin type is important not all products even when stated are for all skin types. You may have oily skin or combination. Oily skin tends to over produce oil to your glads of your skin. Please let me know if this was helpful.


How do i make my eyebrows more shaped?

Shaping Your Eyebrows:
The single most important point to remember when shaping your eyebrows is balance. Your facial shape would to a large extent determine the shape of your eyebrows. Here are some tips to help you decide on the shape of your eyebrows.

1. For A Trapezoidal Face: Slightly thick eyebrows drawn gently towards the temple.
2. For A Rectangular Face: Keep the eyebrows as natural as possible.
3. For A Square Face: Give a slightly rounded curve.
4. For A Triangular Face: Brows should not be too thick.Curve the brows slightly upwards.
5. For An Oval Face: Keep the brows parallel to the lid and drawn towards the temple.
6. For A Round Face: Brows should be slightly arched, in an oblique curve directed towards the temple.

Where To Begin And Where To End:
Take a pencil and hold it vertically alongside the outer corner of the nostril; the point where the pencil touches the eyebrow is the starting point. Then slant the pencil from the outer corner of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye, to show you where the arch should end. Then look straight ahead-the highest point for the eyebrows should be directly above the iris. Ideally, the distance between the two eyebrows should be equal to the width of one eye.