• When applying lipcolor, don’t go outside your actual lip. If you do, you might get a clown-type effect. :/
  • Using a lip brush will give you a more professional look. Just swipe the brush over the lipcolor you want (be it a lipstick or pot, doesn’t matter) and apply after lipliner. But if you’re in a rush, this may not be the best idea.
  • Want a certain lip shade you don’t have? If you have a few lip colors already,

    you may be surprised to find what kinds of great new colors you can get by mixing certain current colors.

  • Apply lighter shades of lipstick for the appearance of fuller lips, and darker colors if you want your lips to look smaller(thinner).
  • If you wear braces, but don’t like them, you might find lip gloss to work better than lipstick if you don’t want to draw so much attention there.
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