*Lips and You*

Lipstick colors by skin color:

dark skin= plum, violet, chocolate, and brick red

medium skin=all reds, brown, mauve, and spicy browns.

light skin=peach, beige, corals, brown-pink, and magenta.

fair skin=pastel pink, sheer purples, and crystal rose.


Pick the right color! Choose a shade based on your skin coloring. Lighter berries for light skin types and deeper berries for darker skin types. If your complexion is cool tone, you’ll look better in mavue or plum shades. If your complexion is pink, you’ll look better in blue tone pinks, blue tone reds, and purple shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base. Warm skin types will also look excellent in classic orange shades, such as amber. Peach and Coral lipstick should be reserved for Light and Warm skin types. Purples and most Pink lipsticks should be reserved for Cool skin types that are Light or Fair. Deep cool complexions look most flattering in Violet hued berry shades. Deep complexions that are Warm look excellent in a Brick Red or Deep Rust shades.

You may be saying to yourself, this all sounds confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! The key is too remember warm or cool. Reserve pinks, purples, and blues for cool skin. Reserve brown, brown-pinks, oranges , and warm reds (such as Scarlet) for warm complexions. Now that you know your correct colors, all you have too do is decide how intense of a shade you should wear, depending on how fair or how deep your complexion is.

Deep and Tan skin types can go for drama. The dark features allow a heavier look. Be glamoures, and have fun with it. Medium skin types fall right in the middle. You’re lucky. You can wear a plethora of shades ad combinations. All though you do best with an “Earthy” look. Light skin types need too keep it fresh and natural. Go for warmer tones that brighten your features. It will make you appear soft and inviting. Fair skin types need a majestic look. Paint with a light hand in cosmic shades, such as pinks and purples. You pull off the delicate, ethereal look better than anyone else. Remember sheer touches of cool colors.


How to Wear Red Lipstick

Red is a classic
Red is divine on medium, tan, and deep skin colors. Wear a true red if your skin is light or fair, for extreme drama. Line inside of lips Red lipstick tends to bleed, so fill in lips with lip liner . Go light on the eyes, polish, and the blush. Try light or clear colors so not to over power the red lips. Your lips should stand out only.

Red and Berries are universal, they come in an assortment of Cool and Warm tones. For these try on samples before you buy, to find the right pick for you.
Cool skined blondes look excellent in petal pinks. Cool skinned brunettes look divoon in lavenders, and sheer purples. Warm skinned blondes look superb in peaches and corals. Warm skinned brunettes look a knock-out in a crimson red or sultry rose. Redheads are fascinating in orangy browns.

Fair skinned people shoud opt for a Rose shade when wearing a red lipstick. Unlike the other complexions, true reds will look ghastly on delicate complexions. You want a crystal rose or tea rose.

If you have any questions on beauty? IE: How to put on a make up applications, what colors would look good on your skin type/color.* Or whatever you want to ask, I’ll answer it ! You may do so bye leaving a comment. Thanks.


Best Eye Color

What colors are best for your eyes? I would say smoky grays are best for hazel but you can really use anything. If you want to make your eyes pop use the opposite spectrum trick. Purple or pink that’s best for green eyes. Blue that’s for brown eyes and lastly but not least brown, orange, or gray that is best for blue eyes.Using white eye liner, off white shimmer silver or gold fleck near your tear ducts of your eyes will also brighten your eyes. Fair skin (if cool toned) use a champagne color. If your warm tone use a warm color of off white and if cool toned use a white silver. Be careful with the type of orange you use with blue eyes.

Stay away from browns and grays if you want dramatic. Blues are best for you because they are the opposite of your eye color. You still can use a black mascara but go for a deep black like blackest black. Natural would be earth tones and are great for medium skin tones.

La Colors Cosmetics & Makeup

la colors

la colors


  Where can you find La Colors makeup at?

A: Their is an online store called thatgirlsbathandbody.com




Based on your features and natural coloring, like hair color, eye color, skin color etc, you could determine what colors make you look your best. I’ve set up a quick reference list to help you decide what colors can work for you the best. Now keep in mind, these are the views of a individual, not a professional stylist or cosmetologist. The whole site contains my own personal opinions, and these are simply my suggestions for anyone who needs help on matters relating to these topics. so here’s the guide:

If you pretty much have blondish, light hair, warm, light skin, and blue eyes, try these colors.
Lips: Light and pinkish tones suit you best. Red probably doesn’t.
Eyes: Again, light is better. Sheer purples, pinks, yellows, sea greens, and tans will most likely look best.

Now this is similar to the last coloring, but you have more yellow or green in your eyes, and your hair is just a little bit darker, maybe with highlights.
Lips:Sheers, in shades of burgundys and pinks.
Eyes: Lilacs, light greens, and peach-type colors.

Is your hair brownish red, and your skin pale? Do you have light colored eyes? If your lips have a lot of red in them naturally already, you pretty much have enough coloring as is. But if you like wearing makeup like me, here are some colors that may work.
Lips:Pinks and burgundys again; reddish browns.
Eyes: Light purples, browns, shades of apricot, and maybe light greens.



If you have warm, a little more darker skin with yellow undertones, and brownish yellow eyes and dark brown hair, colors in warm shades probably look better, instead of cool blues.
Lips: Basic deep red, purple shades, and yellowish browns.
Eyes:Shiny golds, beiges, and light purples.

With not light, but not dark skin, and really dark eyes and hair, you can pull off piercing dark colors. Try:
Lips: Reddish browns, dark purples, dark reds, dark browns.
Eyes: More dark browns, purplish browns, golds.

Instead of medium skin, do you have glowing, dark skin with yellow undertones, and really dark hair and nearly black eyes? Shimmering makeup probably looks great on you. But as far as coloring goes, these may help…
Lips: Deep purples (even almost-black shades), deep dark reds and browns.
Eyes:Glimmering golds and beiges, more deep purples.

If, like me, you have really pale skin, with slight yellow undertones, green eyes, and black hair, try these colors.
Lips:Burgundys, dark natural pinks/rosy shades, and orange or bluish purples if you like funky colors. But if you’re going to wear those, try to wear something else that matches :/
Eyes:Sheer purples, glimmering lilac shades, beiges.

Same as the last coloring, except your undertones and eyes seem a little more cool and blue rather than warm, yellow, or green.
Lips: Classic red again, shades of blue, shiny purples, basically anything in a reddish, bluish, or purplish shade.
Eyes: Shimmering blues, silvers, and purples or charcoals.


  • When applying lipcolor, don’t go outside your actual lip. If you do, you might get a clown-type effect. :/
  • Using a lip brush will give you a more professional look. Just swipe the brush over the lipcolor you want (be it a lipstick or pot, doesn’t matter) and apply after lipliner. But if you’re in a rush, this may not be the best idea.
  • Want a certain lip shade you don’t have? If you have a few lip colors already,

    you may be surprised to find what kinds of great new colors you can get by mixing certain current colors.

  • Apply lighter shades of lipstick for the appearance of fuller lips, and darker colors if you want your lips to look smaller(thinner).
  • If you wear braces, but don’t like them, you might find lip gloss to work better than lipstick if you don’t want to draw so much attention there.
  • Create Smoky Eyes

    How to Apply Waterproof Mascara
    Whenever you apply waterproof mascara make sure that the mascara covers your eye lashes from the root to the tip. If you want to apply any other eye-make up you should ensure that you curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before you do so. Shorter mascara brushes are always preferable since they would give you more control which is essential, especially when you are applying mascara at the corner of your eyes.

    Choosing Mascara Colors

    There is wide variety of colors that you choose from when it comes to waterproof mascaras. A good choice would be the latest colored high impact mascaras which make a bold fashion statement. For a much more natural look you should always match the color of your mascara with that of your hair. For example, blondes would always look good in a browner shade while black would perfectly suit brunettes. The right colored mascara, if applied properly, can make you the cynosure of all eyes, whatever the occasion.

    Winter Skin Care

    Skin and Body Care In Winters – Winter Skin Care

    Changes in weather conditions in winters and summers can be hard on the skin. The dry and cold air in winter can drain essential moisture from the skin, making it look capped and dry. Follow these tips to maintain your skin healthy in winters.

    Skin Care Tips in Winters

    Use SPF sunscreen on face, neck and all visible parts of body when going out during winters.  Do not take excessive long and hot showers as this will deplete the natural skin moisturizer.  Keep your skin nourish by using good quality cleansing cream and moisturizer and wear warm clothes that does not create any itching sensation on the skin.

    An ancient Chinese herbal remedy for detoxification during winter is drinking a glass of hot water with lemon. This cleanses the liver and gall bladder and the body cleans blood faster, thus toxins responsible for bad skin are eliminated.

    Drink adequate water, say 8oz glasses a day, and sleep 8 hrs.