Natural Beauty Tips

Here are some of my beauty tips of the month.If you take some champagne and blend it with a little bit of sugar. Mix it in the palm of your hand and apply it with your fingers to your face. This is a very natural, and one of the best, and most affective method for exfoliating.

Dark Chocolate is not only very good for your mood, but your well being, & health. But when applied as a mask it rewinds time just a bit. Mix the chocolate with a little bit of milk, it makes an excellent facial mask. Try it sometime!


Mix yogurt, honey and strawberries or any other fruit or berries for a great mask. It helps naturally shrink the pores, improve the look of the skin, helps lightening and even out skin tones. Apply to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes or as little or long as you desire.

Old methods for a natural mask are the following:

1) 1 egg, milk, lemon juice. (Apply the mask as above).

2) oatmeal, honey, and avocado. ( same as above).

I hope you will enjoy reading and using these skincare beauty tips.
I will change and update this blog. Thanks.

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Makeup Blog *LIPS*

Don’t bolt with a tissue, this is because a tissue is made up of wood fibers. Use a coffee filter instead and you won’t have all that gunk on your lips when your finished You’ll be very happy with the results at the end, and when your finished just toss it.

Find a lip-liner you totally love. Put it on all across your bottom lip and some on your top lip. Then put some lip balm, clear gloss or a hint of color. A totally cute new creation that you must have to like.

Finding your perfect shade puts an extra skip in your step. You’ll be very happy with the final
results choosing the right shade according to your skin tone. The easiest way to figure out if your skin tone is cool or warm is to put on the most orange lipstick shade or fabric on your lips or up against your face. Do this in natural lighting. Later take off and just try the rosy red. This are extreme shades of warm and cool tones.

Lipstick colors by skin color:
dark skin= plums, chocolates, reds, pastels & oranges

medium skin=all reds, brown-mauve, sheer berry & spicy brown

light skin=nudes, beige’s, light corals & light pinks.

This is just a guide and not a rule. Colors that are the most flattering on you also depend on your contrast (hair and eyes) and season. Pick the right color! If your complexion is pink (rosy / blue base), you’ll look better in plum or mauve  shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base.

After apply gloss or lipstick put a little white eyeshadow in the center of your lower lip. Rub your lips together till you get a subtle look. It gives your mouth a full,sexy, pouty look. To get the excess lipstick off your lips and or teeth make an “o’ shape with your mouth and put your finger in it and pull it out slowly.  It really works.!